środa, grudnia 10, 2014

Internationa Human Rights Day

On December, 10 is the Internationa Human Rights Day since 1950. This year’s slogan is "Human Rights 365" It encompasses the idea that every day is Human Rights Day.

And for this reason the Center for Development of Education, Batory Fundation and Society for Education against Discrimination 've organised on December, 10 (2014) conference "School without discrimination - safe school".

I presented there the tool of teaching about realtions between minority and majority on example of Jews and Romas within the Open Space.

The conference was addressed mostly to teachers, directors of schools, educators. I observe a great need among Polish teachers to lern more about how to solve problems with discrimination at schools.

Society for Education against Discrimination coordinates the Coalition for Education against Discrimination. Get to know more about the activities of the Coalition or join it.
Fot. John Nakamura Remy. CC BY-SA 2.0

Fot. http://www.ngofund.org.pl/konferencja-szkola-bez-dyskryminacji-bezpieczna-szkola/
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