czwartek, września 24, 2015

Journey to former Polish East South borderland

I have an idea to make a journey to former Polish East South borderland. If you are looking for new place to discover the region has a lot to offer. I recommend to make the journey in 5 parts. The route and topics which you could reflect on you can see here:

wtorek, września 08, 2015

Poles and Hungarians and their place in Europe

Because of numerous refugees who nowadays want to come to Europe are Hungary and Poland often a topic in the European media. Both are seen as sceptical to the acceptance of refugees in their countries.

Poles and Hungarians has a lot in common in the past. Their relationship gives a number of sources for scientific researches.

Poles and Hungarians shared rulers and faith. Common was also the Revolution of 1956, which was of course more tragic on the Hungarian side.

środa, września 02, 2015

Story that moves...

Thanks to Agata Dutkowska I got to know the idea of transformative storytelling. Agata is organising a meeting of women in Gdynia which is in her opinion related to this approach of storytelling.

So what is it? And why it is so important?

I read on the Website that it is about "using stories to promote empowerment and social justice". The aim is to "generate stories aimed at catalysing action on pressing social issues".

Two examples came to my mind.