środa, sierpnia 26, 2015

Looking for new historical sources?

If so, research sources that are collected by community archives. You can find there e.g. family photos, private documents and diaries. Polish scientists consider sources of community archives to be very important for researches with new approaches, e.g. every day life, cultural life and social life.

Community archives are archival initiatives which are independent from the state activities. They are also a new place where every one can look for different historical sources.

Community archives exist also in different countries in the world. You can read about archives in Kanada, New Zeland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain and Poland here.

Photo: Warsaw University, Author: Nihil novi
Polish universities include research on community archives into study programmes and representatives of community archives are invited at universities, e.g. I was invited by a Polish professor of history to his seminar at the Warsaw University in May 2015. Beside that students chose to absolve their internships at community archives.
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