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Journey to former Polish East South borderland

I have an idea to make a journey to former Polish East South borderland. If you are looking for new place to discover the region has a lot to offer. I recommend to make the journey in 5 parts. The route and topics which you could reflect on you can see here:

I. L'viv and Galicia - topic: relationships between nations, structures of power and stabilisation of power, culture and literature of borderland (part 1)
1. L'viv - politics of nations in relation to the city space on example of monuments, commemoration of the past, e.g. nostalgia and the Habsburg monarchy, nationalisation, Holocaust versus Holodomor
2. Żółkwia / Zowkwa - Jews and their place, "a private city" one of the biggest synagogs, conflict between aristocracy, nobility and peasants
3. Zadwórze / Zadwirja - battle against the Soviet army of Budionny on August, 17 (1920)
4. Olesko - castle of Johann III. Sobieski
5. Brody - Jewish culture and literature

II. Luzk and Wolhynia - commemoration of national conflicts
6. Luzk - former Polish regional center (Woiwode), counterpart of L'viv in the north?
7. Battlefields in Wolhynien
8. Poryck/Pawliwka - a Polish-Ukrainian monument of the massacre in 1943
9. Sokal - question of the artificial border (Kordon sokalski)

III. Galicia or East Central Poland and its blossoming
10. Drohobycz - Bruno Schulz and the three cities of Galicia
11. Boryslaw - industry and the three cities of Galicia
12. Truskavets - recreation area and the three cities of Galicia
13. Stryj - Jewish past and the monument of Stefan Bandera
14. Stanisławów / Iwano-Frankiwsk - former Polish regional center (Woiwode), counterpart of L'viv in the south?

IV. Bukowina and its memory of different occupying forces
15. Czerniowce / Czernowitz and its Austrian, Romanian and Sowjet past
16. Kamieniec Podolski / Kamjanez-Podilskyj - fortress from the 16th century

V. Galicia - culture and literature of the borderland (part 2)
17. Tschortkiw - Karl Emil Franzos
18. Tarnopol and its military and administrative meaning
19. Bereschany, Zolochiv / Złoczów as former Jewish cities

A recommended place to stay is by Iwano-Frankiwsk, in Bołszowce. It is a monastery, a center for the Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation.

You can find all places which I chose on google maps here.

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