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How comes to discrimination? Be aware / Jak dochodzi do dyskryminacji? Uświadom sobie

Migration and discrimination of migrants were topics of a two day workshop at the Museum of History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

We learnt what we need to act against discrimination: knowledge, skills, reflection -> motivation to act. These reminds me of the concept of Swiss Johann Pestalozzi „head, heart and hand” [głowa, serce, ręka]. It means that our mind, feelings and actions should "act" together.

Mechanism of discrimination in short looks like this. / Mechanizm dyskryminacji w skrócie wygląda tak:

We shared some links related to discrimination and education:
1. History and human rights. Textbook - with workshoops about "state and individuum", "minority-majority", freedom of speech, rights of imprisoned people, social rights: in English, in Polish.
2. Antidiscrimination - educational materials in Polish: materials nr 1 or materials nr 2.
3. Textbook about hate speech "Bookmarks" - in English, in Polish.
4. School without discrimination - worksheets for teachers (in Polish): materials nr 1,
materials nr 2.
5. (in Polish) and (in English)
6. List of NGOs who deal with discrimination, migration, cultures etc:
7. A method: "Parts of my identity" ("Fragmenty mojej tożsamości"), worksheet.
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