czwartek, czerwca 11, 2015

Space to grow

Why growth is so important?

Lack of growth leads to stagnation. Obsession of innovation is the other extreme.

On June, 11 (2015) I participated on lectures dedicated to growth and space to growth within an independent Ted event. The event had a title "Space to grow".

I especially enjoyed the lectures of Magdalena Kozłowska-Deć, Hoang Minh Ngo and Dawid Sokołowski.

*Magdalena Kozłowska-Deć - works with women within Fundation Center of Women Promotion (Fundacja Centrum Promocji Kobiet) and within the biggest Polish festival of development PROGRESSteron, co-author of book for retired women about organisation of events („Przygoda nie tylko dla wnuka”).

*Hoang Minh Ngo - IT worker, certified interpreter, social activist from Vietnam; board member of Social-Cultural Association of Vietnameses in Poland (Towarzystwo Społeczno-Kulturalne Wietnamczyków w Polsce), editor of paper Que Viet; organiser of demonstration against politics of hegemony of China.

*Dawid Sokołowski - leader of the network of reasonable business. More about the network you can find here.

More about the event you can read here.

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